The Shermann Audio G5 loudspeaker is a high-output, high-efficiency 3way bi-amped design delivering superb detail in any application.  

The G5 is equipped with a powerful, highly efficient 15” bas/mid driver.  It features a lightweight neodymium magnet assembly, 3” voice coil & a cast aluminium chassis.

The HF is a 2” coaxial BMS low distortion compression driver.  Operating from 800Hz the larger voice coil is then crossed over at 6.5Khz to a smaller coil which handles all of the very high frequencies above.  This is attached to a rotatable 60 x 40 deg aluminium horn


  • 3 way Bi-amped loudspeaker
  • 15” neodymium LF driver
  • 2” neodymium coax Mid/HF driver
  • K&M 35mm poll mount
  • Various rigging options


  • Theatre
  • Concert
  • House of Worship
  • Live sound enforcement
  • Installations

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