Great success at PLASA 2017

We are not long returned from a very successfull PLASA show down in Olympia in London.

With the ability to show off our speaker systems to many, we had some great feedback and comments.

As PLASA members we would like to thank them for another succesfull show.

We demonstrated many products such as:

G8, SLS45, GS15, GS18, GS21 and the new RS5 all powered by FFA amps.

We had a great time at the show and with many orders pending a successfull one to.

IMG_0131 IMG_0146

Glasgow Pride 17

Once again Shermann Audio system covers Glasgow Pride with ease!

With great comments from both artist and audience local company Sono Vie supplied the event with:

8 x G8’s

20 x Gs18’s

6 x V6’s

10 x V12’s

2 x G5’s

And our new RM12 on trial wihich performed outstandingly. 

All this was powered by FFA and crown amps.

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Shermann Audio covers Glasgow Comedy Festival

Shermann Audio system is in use in the Kings Theatre, Glasgow for the comedy festival.  Producing stunning sound and clarity, and easily covering the 1700+ audiance each night.  Designed and build by Shermann Audio in our factury just outside Glasgow.  

Systems supplied by Glasgow hire company Sono Vie Ltd.

6 x GS18’s

4 x G5’s

6 x G8’s

2 x V6’s

2 x V20’s

Powered by FFA and Crown amps.

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Shermann Audio in latest edition of LSI magazine

Clash of the Titans using Shermann Audio

Shermann Audio speakers were recently used at the “Clash of the Titans” boxing event at Clydebank Town Hall.

4 x G8’s

2 x GS18’s

6 x V6’s

With great sound and coverage as you would expect with any Shermann Audio system, and very happy customers.

Supplied by Sono Vie Ltd

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Scottish DJ Show 11th Jan 2017

Shermann Audio will be at the Scottish DJ show on the 11th Jan starting at 6.30pm.  £10 entry which included a buffet.  Enter the raffle and you could win a Shermann 4 box speaker system.  You can see and hear lots of different products from many manufactures.  Hear the Shermann RS5 system, SLS86 and many more. Its in the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew. 

Have a look on their Facebook page here.


We would like to give a huge thank you to everyone who came along to see us at bpm and plasa.  We had a great time and enjoyed showing everyone our new products.

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