Shermann Audio have been manufacturing loudspeakers for over 30 years.

Shermann Audio has always been about great sound, great value using the best components.

We are a 100% UK based company, with our custom factory in central Scotland.

Shermann Audio relocated to Scotland in 2013, and since then we have streamlined the range, grown as a brand, and we have been able to expand production and modernise the manufacturing process.

Since 2013 our range has been completely redesigned and have added many new products.

We build active, passive and externally processed systems.  We use premium drivers and components, FSC birch plywood, using CAD and the latest CNC technology.  

All Shermann Audio speakers are designed, built, finished and tested in our factory in Glasgow.  This allows for total quality control, and the ability to manufacture custom design speakers tailored to you requirements with short lead times and small minimum quantities.

We can design and manufacture speakers systems to suit your install requirements and in almost any RALL colour.  

We don’t make speaker systems, cabinets or hardware for any other brand.

Shermann Audio TM  owns all designs and IPO’s, and is a registered TM.

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