Shermann Audio

we have been extremely busy at shermann audio in the past few years.


We will add updates on projects and events we have been involved in. 


From custom installation loudspeakers, to supporting clients with Shermann Audio systems. 


Below is just a few of the things we have been up to in 2019-2020


Shermann Audio custom speakers on cruise ship!


We designed and manufactures a set of custom speaker for a nightclub on board the Marella Explorer ship, as well as the on board cinema.  In the nightclub these were to fit into a space using the existing brackets.  We installed 4 x custom G4 top box which has a Fane 12" LF and a Faital Pro 1" HF.  This was powered by Crown amps and BSS control.  These were painted in our tough custom RAL coating, with a pearlescent coating on the grill to add that bit of sparkle.

In the cinema we installed custom front speakers with the centre consisting of a 2 x 5" + HF, and our 2 x 4" speaker to support the surround.  All powered from Crown amps, Denon and BSS processing with Kramer Control.

Shermann Audio speakers provided for festival at sea.


Sono Vie in Glasgow provided reinforcing Shermann Audio speakers for a very successfull festival on board a cruise ship in 2019.  On the outside deck we supplied G8, G8 wide, GS18, V20.  Custom brackers were manufactured to allow safe securing round the outside deck area.  With an IP65 rating, weather wasnt an issue. This was powered with FFA amplifiers. 

The back lounge had the SLS86 system with GS18 subs, while the nightclub had a full RS5 rig. Again Crown and FFA amps were used to keep power consumption down, but delivered outstanding performance.  



Shermann Audio supports PLASA


We provided systems and support for the Stage to Studio stage where guest engineers described microphone placement, mixing decisions with a running commentary to the audiance.

Multi purpose system installed into local theatre.


We provided a full Shermann Audio system and installed into a local theatre.  This was to provide full sound for the performance area, as well as a full 7.1 surround system for cinema.  Powered by FFA amps,  Denon and FFA control, this system certainly delivers outstand clarity and performance to this space.